I am living a very fortunate life. I have often dreamt of something and it has happened through no doing of my own.

I spent years listening to Maria Schneider and my dream of playing with her came true. I dreamt of a place to regularly work with a piano trio and that came true. I used to listen to musicians when I was young and wished that one day I could play with them. Two of those people make up my current trio (Gary Holgate and Hamish Stuart), and it is everything I hoped it would be.

New CD - Looking Up

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I keep meeting people that have the same way of thinking about music to me, and this has led to many beautiful music making experiences and great friendships. A general openness to all forms of music and an acceptance of the abundance of life in general has allowed great things to rush towards me, of which I have only held on to a few. These great things you can read about in the following pages. Enjoy...